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    Pay & Get Paid

    Make seamlessly effortless hassle free payment and get paid with minimum charge. No complex processes and accessible to everyone.

    Save Money

    Embrace the power of Dvive & start saving smarter today. Experience the freedom and convenience that comes with having your savings within reach.

    Multicurrency Account

    Unlock the power of Dvive's Multi-Currency account. Break free from currency limitations & experience a new level of financial freedom.

    Borderless Transaction

    For global entrepreneurs, Dvive is a game-changer. Conduct business worldwide without the complexities of managing multiple bank accounts.

    Dvive Card

    Embrace the freedom of Payment. Our Card brings together the convenience of a physical and virtual card to empower transaction effortlessly.

    Account Management

    Dvive has an incredible feature to allow you to manage account easily. A safe and secure way to manage funds and protect your financial well-being.

      1. Create an account

      Creating an account in Dvive is simple. You need to sign-up using your email ID and Phone Number. Choose a strong password to secure your account.

      2. Verification

      We will review all of your documents and verify your account for security purposes. It will take a few steps to verify your account. After verification your account will be activated.

      3. Select transfer method

      You will have multiple options to transfer money. Choose the best method for you! Options include bank transfer, bank deposit, credit or debit card.

      4. Payment transfer

      Enter the recipient details and amount you want to transfer from your account. Our fees will be provided to you during the transaction.

      Innovative Financial Solution For Your Future

      Discover the borderless and effortless financial solution to unleash your  potential today!

      Enjoy the convenience of endless transactions within multiple currencies, instant foreign exchange, seamless and secure international bank transfer, manage account and save balance with a physical and virtual card.   

      Experience the sheer power of simple financial solution at your fingertips!

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