Close Your Dvive Account

We understand that there may come a time when you need to close your Dvive account. We’re here to help make this process as straightforward as possible. Please review the following steps and important information before proceeding.

Steps to Close Your Account

Log in to Your Dvive Account
To close the CAD Account, log in to your Dvive account through the app or website

Navigate to Account Management
Go to Account > Manage Account

Initiate Account Closure
Find “Close Account” option

Confirm Account Closure
Once confirmed, your account will be permanently closed

Feedback (Optional)
You may be asked to provide feedback on why you are leaving. Your input is valuable to us for improving our services.

Receive Confirmation
Once your request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account has been successfully deleted.

Important Notes

  • Closing one currency account does not affect other currency accounts with Dvive
  • To delete all your accounts from the system, contact Dvive at contactus@dvive.com
  • As you have multicurrency accounts, you can delete one particular currency account at a time
  • Ensure you send or withdraw all your money before deleting any account
  • The closure process for individual currency accounts is irreversible
  • You’ll retain access to your transaction history for a limited time as per regulatory requirements
  • Your data will be managed (retention/deletion) in accordance with applicable financial regulations and data protection laws

For any inquiries please email